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Mercury 15MH - FREE SHIPPING Description Mercury's 15MH FourStroke outboards have features that make starting easier, warm-ups f.. Product #: 15MH based on 0 reviews Regular price: $3,140.00 $3,140.00


Manufacturer: Mercury
Product SKU: 15MH

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Mercury's 15MH FourStroke outboards have features that make starting easier, warm-ups faster and idling smoother. The fuel filter on these 15hp FourStrokes have been moved to help keep the carburetor cleaner and come standard with a three-position choke, eliminating the need for a primer button. The tiller handle models such as the 15MH, also have a richer air/fuel mix at idleThese 15hp outboards may look smaller and compact in size but they are actually a quite powerful motor. With extra displacement and outstanding low-end torque the 15MH will put a boat smartly on plane no problem.
The ProKicker models feature a deeper gearcase and a four-blade, high-thrust propeller with matching gear ratio. They are the perfect setup for trolling and percise control in all conditions. The gearcase is engineered to be rugged and durable, built with strong gears, bearings, and a heavy-duty skeg. The ProKicker models also have the fastest power tilt in the industry, which drops a Mercury 9.9hp - 15hp ProKicker FourStroke into the water in just five seconds. The exclusive kicker-centering straps align and secure the outboard in full tilt-up position while you’re underway.
The tiller handle models feature the exclusive multifunction tiller that puts shifting, throttle control (with improved slow-speed throttle advance for optimal trolling), stopping, tilting, and steering conveniently in the palm of your hand.

Specification Attributes
HP 15 HP
Cylinders 2 cylinder
Displacement 21.4 CI
Starting Manual
Controls Tiller
Power Trim & Tilt Manual
Gear Shift Forward - Neutral - Reverse
Propulsion Propeller
Weight 115
Alternator Output None
Color Phantom Black
Shaft Length 15''
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